Commit b92307f6 authored by João Távora's avatar João Távora

linum-mode plays more nicely with other margin-setting extensions

linum.el will only modify the left margin if it needs to, and will
only reset the it back to 0 if it guesses that no-one has touched that
margin in the meantime.

As such, this is a more of a workaround than an actual fix, but fixes
the problems described in bug#20674 regarding the interaction with
modes such as darkroom-mode and olivetti-mode.

A similar fix was commited to nlinum.el in ELPA.git's

* linum.el (linum-delete-overlays): Restore margins more
(linum-update-window): Set margins more criteriously.
parent 58e62350
......@@ -120,7 +120,15 @@ Linum mode is a buffer-local minor mode."
(mapc #'delete-overlay linum-overlays)
(setq linum-overlays nil)
(dolist (w (get-buffer-window-list (current-buffer) nil t))
(set-window-margins w 0 (cdr (window-margins w)))))
;; restore margins if needed FIXME: This still fails if the
;; "other" mode has incidently set margins to exactly what linum
;; had: see bug#20674 for a similar workaround in nlinum.el
(let ((set-margins (window-parameter w 'linum--set-margins))
(current-margins (window-margins w)))
(when (and set-margins
(equal set-margins current-margins))
(set-window-margins w 0 (cdr current-margins))
(set-window-parameter w 'linum--set-margins nil)))))
(defun linum-update-current ()
"Update line numbers for the current buffer."
......@@ -143,10 +151,10 @@ Linum mode is a buffer-local minor mode."
(defun linum--face-width (face)
(let ((info (font-info (face-font face)))
(setq width (aref info 11))
(if (<= width 0)
(setq width (aref info 10)))
(setq width (aref info 10)))
(defun linum-update-window (win)
......@@ -170,7 +178,7 @@ Linum mode is a buffer-local minor mode."
(visited (catch 'visited
(dolist (o (overlays-in (point) (point)))
(when (equal-including-properties
(overlay-get o 'linum-str) str)
(overlay-get o 'linum-str) str)
(unless (memq o linum-overlays)
(push o linum-overlays))
(setq linum-available (delq o linum-available))
......@@ -193,7 +201,12 @@ Linum mode is a buffer-local minor mode."
(setq width (ceiling
(/ (* width 1.0 (linum--face-width 'linum))
(set-window-margins win width (cdr (window-margins win)))))
;; open up space in the left margin, if needed, and record that
;; fact as a the window-parameter `linum--set-margins'
(let ((existing-margins (window-margins win)))
(when (> width (or (car existing-margins) 0))
(set-window-margins win width (cdr existing-margins))
(set-window-parameter win 'linum--set-margins (window-margins win))))))
(defun linum-after-change (beg end _len)
;; update overlays on deletions, and after newlines are inserted
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