Commit b9284371 authored by Kim F. Storm's avatar Kim F. Storm
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(read1): Accept `single space' syntax like (? x).

parent 1ebb05c4
......@@ -2258,6 +2258,13 @@ read1 (readcharfun, pch, first_in_list)
if (c < 0)
end_of_file_error ();
/* Accept `single space' syntax like (list ? x) where the
whitespace character is SPC or TAB.
Other literal whitespace like NL, CR, and FF are not accepted,
as there are well-established escape sequences for these. */
if (c == ' ' || c == '\t')
return make_number (c);
if (c == '\\')
c = read_escape (readcharfun, 0, &discard);
else if (BASE_LEADING_CODE_P (c))
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