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* epa.texi (Bug Reports): New section.

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2010-09-29 Daiki Ueno <>
* epa.texi (Bug Reports): New section.
2010-09-29 Glenn Morris <>
* (top_srcdir): Remove unused variable.
......@@ -65,7 +65,8 @@ called EasyPG Library.
* Overview::
* Quick start::
* Commands::
* Commands::
* Bug Reports::
@end menu
@node Overview
......@@ -398,6 +399,28 @@ If non-@code{nil}, disable auto-saving when opening an encrypted file.
The default value is @code{t}.
@end defvar
@node Bug Reports
@chapter Bug Reports
Bugs and problems with EasyPG Assistant are actively worked on by the
Emacs development team. Feature requests and suggestions are also
more than welcome. Use @kbd{M-x report-emacs-bug}, @pxref{Bugs, ,
Bugs, emacs, Reporting Bugs}.
When submitting a bug report, please try to describe in excruciating
detail the steps required to reproduce the problem. Also try to
collect necessary information to fix the bug, such as:
@itemize @bullet
@item the GnuPG version. Send the output of @samp{gpg --version}.
@item the GnuPG configuration. Send the contents of @file{~/.gnupg/gpg.conf}.
@end itemize
Before reporting the bug, you should set @code{epg-debug} in the
@file{~/.emacs} file and repeat the bug. Then, include the contents
of the @samp{ *epg-debug*} buffer. Note that the first letter of the
buffer name is a whitespace.
@c End:
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