Commit b9627cfb authored by Paul Eggert's avatar Paul Eggert
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* ccl.c: Improve comment. (Bug#8751)

parent eefc9486
......@@ -93,9 +93,8 @@ static Lisp_Object Vccl_program_table;
|------------- constant or other args ----------------|
where `cc...c' is an integer indicating a constant value or an
absolute jump address. The context determines whether `cc...c' is
considered to be unsigned, or a signed two's complement number. `RRR'
where `cc...c' is a 17-bit, 20-bit, or 28-bit integer indicating a
constant value or a relative/absolute jump address, `RRR'
and `rrr' are CCL register number, `XXXXX' is one of the following
CCL commands. */
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