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(windows-1252): Moved from code-pages.

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......@@ -25,8 +25,8 @@
;;; Commentary:
;; For European scripts, character sets ISO8859-1,2,3,4,9,14,15 are
;; supported.
;; For European scripts, all the ISO Latin character sets are
;; supported, along with various others.
;;; Code:
......@@ -62,6 +62,19 @@ Latin-1 also covers several written languages outside Europe, including
Indonesian/Malay, Tagalog (Philippines), Swahili and Afrikaans."))
[?\$,1tL(B nil ?\$,1rz(B ?\$,1!R(B ?\$,1r~(B ?\$,1s&(B ?\$,1s (B ?\$,1s!(B ?\$,1$f(B ?\$,1s0(B ?\$,1! (B ?\$,1s9(B ?\$,1 r(B nil ?\$,1!=(B ?\$,1!>(B nil
?\$,1rx(B ?\$,1ry(B ?\$,1r|(B ?\$,1r}(B ?\$,1s"(B ?\$,1rs(B ?\$,1rt(B ?\$,1$|(B ?\$,1ub(B ?\$,1!!(B ?\$,1s:(B ?\$,1 s(B nil nil ?\$,1!8(B ?\,A (B ?\,A!(B
?\,A"(B ?\,A#(B ?\,A$(B ?\,A%(B ?\,A&(B ?\,A'(B ?\,A((B ?\,A)(B ?\,A*(B ?\,A+(B ?\,A,(B ?\,A-(B ?\,A.(B ?\,A/(B ?\,A0(B ?\,A1(B ?\,A2(B
?\,A3(B ?\,A4(B ?\,A5(B ?\,A6(B ?\,A7(B ?\,A8(B ?\,A9(B ?\,A:(B ?\,A;(B ?\,A<(B ?\,A=(B ?\,A>(B ?\,A?(B ?\,A@(B ?\,AA(B ?\,AB(B ?\,AC(B
?\,AD(B ?\,AE(B ?\,AF(B ?\,AG(B ?\,AH(B ?\,AI(B ?\,AJ(B ?\,AK(B ?\,AL(B ?\,AM(B ?\,AN(B ?\,AO(B ?\,AP(B ?\,AQ(B ?\,AR(B ?\,AS(B ?\,AT(B
?\,AU(B ?\,AV(B ?\,AW(B ?\,AX(B ?\,AY(B ?\,AZ(B ?\,A[(B ?\,A\(B ?\,A](B ?\,A^(B ?\,A_(B ?\,A`(B ?\,Aa(B ?\,Ab(B ?\,Ac(B ?\,Ad(B ?\,Ae(B
?\,Af(B ?\,Ag(B ?\,Ah(B ?\,Ai(B ?\,Aj(B ?\,Ak(B ?\,Al(B ?\,Am(B ?\,An(B ?\,Ao(B ?\,Ap(B ?\,Aq(B ?\,Ar(B ?\,As(B ?\,At(B ?\,Au(B ?\,Av(B
?\,Aw(B ?\,Ax(B ?\,Ay(B ?\,Az(B ?\,A{(B ?\,A|(B ?\,A}(B ?\,A~(B ?\,A(B])))
;; Latin-2 (ISO-8859-2)
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