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2002-08-14 Stefan Monnier <>
* help-fns.el (locate-library): Use locate-file(-completion).
(help-split-fundoc): Tighten the regexp and recognize a usage-info
where the function name is `fn'.
(help-function-arglist): Follow aliases and macros.
(describe-function-1): Use keymapp.
If the docstring contains a usage info, use it even if the function is
not a subroutine. Find usage info in aliases' docstring if necessary.
(describe-variable): Get the value before setting up the *Help* buffer.
* emacs-lisp/easy-mmode.el (easy-mmode-define-global-mode):
Use find-file-hook instead of find-file-hooks.
(define-minor-mode): Get rid of this silly `togglep'.
Add an explicit `toggle' argument (used for interactive calls).
Emit a warning when a nil argument turns the mode off.
* language/ethio-util.el (setup-ethiopic-environment-internal)
(exit-ethiopic-environment): Use find-file-hook and
write-file-functions instead of find-file-hooks and write-file-hooks.
* window.el (handle-select-window): Don't do anything if the window
has disappeared since the event was generated.
(split-window-save-restore-data): Use push and with-current-buffer.
* saveplace.el:
* play/meese.el:
* obsolete/hilit19.el:
* completion.el (dynamic-completion-mode):
* emacs-lisp/find-func.el (find-function-search-for-symbol):
Use find-file-hook instead of find-file-hooks.
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