Commit b9a45643 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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Move bugs to EMACS_22_BASE branch.

parent 16bbdfc0
......@@ -36,28 +36,8 @@ to the hack introduced on 2005-07-01 to fix some other Cleartype problem.
** python.el legal problem?
See the copy of this file on the EMACS_22_BASE branch.
**, April 22: Failure to build on OpenBSD macppc.
OpenBSD compilation works on i386.
**, April 23: delete-overlay causes recentering
(This is now the same as the spurious scrolling bug.)
** finish fixing locate.el
**, April 23: Excessive refontification when setting
**, Apr 24: 22.0.98 not starting on Solaris 10/I386
**, Apr 24: [ Re: redisplay]
Gives test case for problem that a dialog box blocks redisplay.
** Spurious redisplay bug not fixed.
**, Apr 25: Cursors in fringe not redrawn by expose events.
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