Commit b9dc4443 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(x_sync): Take frame ptr as arg.

(check_x_display_info): New function.
(Fx_create_frame): Use it.

(x_screen_planes): New function.
(EMACS_CLASS): Macro moved to xterm.h.

(Qdisplay): New variable.
(syms_of_xfns): Set it up.
(Fx_create_frame): Handle display parameter
which says where to get the FRAME_X_DISPLAY_INFO.
(x_display_info_for_name): New function.

(select_visual): New arg dpy.

(Fx_open_connection): Get dpyinfo from x_term_init.
Don't set up atoms, xrdb here.	Pass name as Lisp_Object.
(the_x_screen): Variable moved to xterm.c.
(syms_of_xfns): Don't staticpro it here.

(xrdb): Variable deleted.
(Fx_get_resource): Use selected_frame's xrdb.
(x_get_resource_string): Likewise.

(Fx_open_connection): Store the atoms in x_display_info.
(hack_wm_protocols): New arg f.  Get atoms from x_display_info.
(x_window): Get atoms from x_display_info.

(Vmouse_depressed, mouse_buffer_offset): Variables deleted.
(syms_of_xfns): Delete Lisp variables too.
(Fx_synchronize): Take frame as arg.
(Fx_close_current_connection): Take frame as arg.   Error is not fatal.

(mouse_timestamp): Variable deleted.

(screen_visual, x_screen_planes): Variables deleted.
(x_screen, x_screen_height, x_screen_width): Variables deleted.
(Fx_open_connection): Don't set them here.
Put that info in the x_display_info structure.
(x_window): Get the visual from x_display_info structure.
(x_decode_color): Use n_planes from x_display_info structure.

Use FRAME_X_DISPLAY instead of x_current_display and XDISPLAY.
(x_in_use): New variable,
(check_x, using_x_p): Test x_in_use.
(Fx_open_connection): Set x_in_use.
(check_x_frame): New function.
(defined_color): New arg f specifies frame.  Callers changed.
(x_decode_color): New arg f.  All callers changed.
(Fx_color_values, Fx_color_defined_p): New arg FRAME.
Use check_x_frame.
(Fx_list_fonts): Use check_x_frame.
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