Commit ba6cc1d0 authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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* lisp/net/soap-client.el (soap-type-of): Optimize for Emacs≥26

parent 1c79d158
......@@ -685,14 +685,17 @@ This is a specialization of `soap-decode-type' for
(anyType (soap-decode-any-type node))
(Array (soap-decode-array node))))))
(defun soap-type-of (element)
"Return the type of ELEMENT."
;; Support Emacs < 26 byte-code running in Emacs >= 26 sessions
;; (Bug#31742).
(let ((type (type-of element)))
(if (eq type 'vector)
(aref element 0) ; For Emacs 25 and earlier.
(defalias 'soap-type-of
(if (eq 'soap-xs-basic-type (type-of (make-soap-xs-basic-type)))
;; `type-of' in Emacs ≥ 26 already does what we need.
;; For Emacs < 26, use our own function.
(lambda (element)
"Return the type of ELEMENT."
(if (vectorp element)
(aref element 0) ;Assume this vector is actually a struct!
;; This should never happen.
(type-of element)))))
;; Register methods for `soap-xs-basic-type'
(let ((tag (soap-type-of (make-soap-xs-basic-type))))
......@@ -2881,6 +2884,8 @@ reference multiRef parts which are external to RESPONSE-NODE."
;;;; SOAP type encoding
;; FIXME: Use `cl-defmethod' (but this requires Emacs-25).
(defun soap-encode-attributes (value type)
"Encode XML attributes for VALUE according to TYPE.
This is a generic function which determines the attribute encoder
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