Commit ba8299ff authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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parent 6b9f0906
2000-11-23 Stefan Monnier <>
* progmodes/ada-stmt.el (ada-template-map): Initialize
and bind it to C-c t in ada-mode-map.
(ada-stmt-mode-hook): New function extracted from old code.
Only change the buffer-local side of skeleton-*.
(ada-mode-hook): Use it.
2000-11-23 Eli Zaretskii <>
* iswitchb.el (iswitchb-minibuf-depth): New variable.
2000-11-23 Stefan Monnier <>
* xdisp.c (syms_of_xdisp): Make fontification-functions buffer-local.
2000-11-22 Gerd Moellmann <>
* buffer.c (Fmake_indirect_buffer): Don't treat nil as a
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