Commit ba88fc3a authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(pre-command-hook, post-command-hook): Defvars deleted.

(post-command-idle-hook): Defvar deleted.
(edebug-outside-post-command-idle-hook): Defvar deleted.
(edebug-enter): Don't look at or set post-command-idle-hook.
(edebug-outside-excursion): Likewise.
(edebug-emacs-19-specific): Don't define read-expression-history
and read-expression-map.
parent 4bc8c7d2
......@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@
;; LCD Archive Entry:
;; edebug|Daniel LaLiberte|
;; |A source level debugger for Emacs Lisp.
;; |$Date: 1996/05/29 17:16:52 $|$Revision: 3.7 $|~/modes/edebug.el|
;; |$Date: 1996/07/24 16:36:41 $|$Revision: 3.8 $|~/modes/edebug.el|
;; This file is part of GNU Emacs.
......@@ -85,7 +85,7 @@
;;; Code:
(defconst edebug-version
(let ((raw-version "$Revision: 3.7 $"))
(let ((raw-version "$Revision: 3.8 $"))
(substring raw-version (string-match "[0-9.]*" raw-version)
(match-end 0))))
......@@ -2195,12 +2195,6 @@ expressions; a `progn' form will be returned enclosing these forms."
(defvar edebug-outside-pre-command-hook)
(defvar edebug-outside-post-command-hook)
(defvar edebug-outside-post-command-idle-hook)
;; Emacs 19
(defvar pre-command-hook nil)
(defvar post-command-hook nil)
(defvar post-command-idle-hook nil)
(defvar cl-lexical-debug) ;; Defined in cl.el
......@@ -2265,8 +2259,7 @@ error is signaled again."
;; Save the outside value of executing macro. (here??)
(edebug-outside-executing-macro executing-kbd-macro)
(edebug-outside-pre-command-hook pre-command-hook)
(edebug-outside-post-command-hook post-command-hook)
(edebug-outside-post-command-idle-hook post-command-idle-hook))
(edebug-outside-post-command-hook post-command-hook))
(let (;; Don't keep reading from an executing kbd macro
;; within edebug unless edebug-continue-kbd-macro is
......@@ -2278,8 +2271,7 @@ error is signaled again."
;; a hook function is instrumented - to avoid infinite loop.
;; This may be more than we need, however.
(pre-command-hook nil)
(post-command-hook nil)
(post-command-idle-hook nil))
(post-command-hook nil))
(setq edebug-execution-mode (or edebug-next-execution-mode
......@@ -2293,7 +2285,6 @@ error is signaled again."
(setq executing-kbd-macro edebug-outside-executing-macro
pre-command-hook edebug-outside-pre-command-hook
post-command-hook edebug-outside-post-command-hook
post-command-idle-hook edebug-outside-post-command-idle-hook
(let* ((edebug-data (get edebug-function 'edebug))
......@@ -3569,7 +3560,6 @@ Return the result of the last expression."
(defining-kbd-macro edebug-outside-defining-kbd-macro)
(pre-command-hook edebug-outside-pre-command-hook)
(post-command-hook edebug-outside-post-command-hook)
(post-command-idle-hook edebug-outside-post-command-idle-hook)
;; See edebug-display
(overlay-arrow-position edebug-outside-o-a-p)
......@@ -3611,7 +3601,6 @@ Return the result of the last expression."
edebug-outside-defining-kbd-macro defining-kbd-macro
edebug-outside-pre-command-hook pre-command-hook
edebug-outside-post-command-hook post-command-hook
edebug-outside-post-command-idle-hook post-command-idle-hook
edebug-outside-o-a-p overlay-arrow-position
edebug-outside-o-a-s overlay-arrow-string
......@@ -4337,10 +4326,6 @@ It is removed when you hit any char."
(defun edebug-mark ()
(mark t));; Does this work for lemacs too?
;; Use minibuffer-history when reading expressions.
(defvar read-expression-history) ;; hush bytecomp
(defvar read-expression-map)
(defun edebug-set-conditional-breakpoint (arg condition)
"Set a conditional breakpoint at nearest sexp.
The condition is evaluated in the outside context.
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