Commit ba9b9bb4 authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii

Fix TTY colors breakage by 'clear-face-cache'

Without examining the right frame, 'tty-color-24bit' was erroneously
treating a GUI frame as a 24-bit TTY frame.
* lisp/term/tty-colors.el (tty-color-24bit): Accept optional
argument DISPLAY and pass it to display-color-cells.  Doc fix.
(tty-color-define, tty-color-desc): Pass the FRAME argument to
tty-color-24bit.  (Bug#32072)
parent f56ad422
......@@ -824,10 +824,12 @@ A canonicalized color name is all-lower case, with any blanks removed."
(replace-regexp-in-string " +" "" (downcase color))
(defun tty-color-24bit (rgb)
"Return pixel value on 24-bit terminals. Return nil if RGB is
nil or not on 24-bit terminal."
(when (and rgb (= (display-color-cells) 16777216))
(defun tty-color-24bit (rgb &optional display)
"Return 24-bit color pixel value for RGB value on DISPLAY.
DISPLAY can be a display name or a frame, and defaults to the
selected frame's display.
If DISPLAY is not on a 24-but TTY terminal, return nil."
(when (and rgb (= (display-color-cells display) 16777216))
(let ((r (lsh (car rgb) -8))
(g (lsh (cadr rgb) -8))
(b (lsh (nth 2 rgb) -8)))
......@@ -850,7 +852,7 @@ If FRAME is not specified or is nil, it defaults to the selected frame."
(error "Invalid specification for tty color \"%s\"" name))
(append (list (tty-color-canonicalize name)
(or (tty-color-24bit rgb) index))
(or (tty-color-24bit rgb frame) index))
......@@ -1026,7 +1028,7 @@ might need to be approximated if it is not supported directly."
(or (assoc color (tty-color-alist frame))
(let ((rgb (tty-color-standard-values color)))
(and rgb
(let ((pixel (tty-color-24bit rgb)))
(let ((pixel (tty-color-24bit rgb frame)))
(or (and pixel (cons color (cons pixel rgb)))
(tty-color-approximate rgb frame)))))))))
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