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* nadvice.el: Add ourselves to package--builtin-versions

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......@@ -36,6 +36,11 @@
;;; Code:
;; The autoloads.el mechanism which adds package--builtin-versions
;; maintenance to loaddefs.el doesn't work for preloaded packages (such
;; as this one), so we have to do it by hand!
(push (purecopy '(nadvice 1 0)) package--builtin-versions)
;;;; Lightweight advice/hook
(defvar advice--where-alist
'((:around "\300\301\302\003#\207" 5)
......@@ -241,6 +246,8 @@ different, but `function-equal' will hopefully ignore those differences.")
(if (local-variable-p var) (symbol-value var)
(setq advice--buffer-local-function-sample
;; This function acts like the t special value in buffer-local hooks.
;; FIXME: Provide an `advice-bottom' function that's like
;; `advice-cd*r' but also follows through this proxy.
(lambda (&rest args) (apply (default-value var) args)))))
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