Commit bac5cef8 authored by Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen's avatar Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen
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Do the gnutls handshake from the reader loop, instead of looping over

the handshake from Emacs Lisp.
parent df7fcaff
2010-09-29 Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen <>
* net/gnutls.el (starttls-negotiate): Loop a lot longer.
(starttls-negotiate): Just call boot, and let the handshake be
triggered from the read loop.
2010-09-29 Glenn Morris <>
......@@ -87,17 +87,6 @@ CREDENTIALS-FILE is a filename with meaning dependent on CREDENTIALS."
nil nil gnutls-log-level))
"boot: %s")
(when (gnutls-errorp ret)
(error "Could not boot GnuTLS for this process"));
(let ((ret 'gnutls-e-again)
(n 250000))
(while (and (not (eq ret t))
(not (gnutls-error-fatalp ret))
(> n 0))
(setq n (1- n))
(setq ret (gnutls-handshake proc)))
(message "Handshake complete %s." ret))
(defun starttls-open-stream (name buffer host service)
2010-09-29 Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen <>
* gnutls.c (emacs_gnutls_handshake): Made into internal function.
(Fgnutls_boot): Start the handshake.
(emacs_gnutls_read): Perform the handshake from the reader loop.
* process.h (Lisp_Process): Add a gnutls_p field to Lisp_Process.
* process.c (make_process): Set the gnutls_p field to zero by
......@@ -32,6 +32,34 @@ Lisp_Object Qgnutls_e_interrupted, Qgnutls_e_again,
Qgnutls_e_invalid_session, Qgnutls_e_not_ready_for_handshake;
int global_initialized;
emacs_gnutls_handshake (struct Lisp_Process *proc)
gnutls_session_t state = proc->gnutls_state;
int ret;
if (proc->gnutls_initstage < GNUTLS_STAGE_HANDSHAKE_CANDO)
if (proc->gnutls_initstage < GNUTLS_STAGE_TRANSPORT_POINTERS_SET)
/* FIXME: This can't be right: infd and outfd are integers (file handles)
whereas the function expects args of type gnutls_transport_ptr_t. */
gnutls_transport_set_ptr2 (state, proc->infd, proc->outfd);
ret = gnutls_handshake (state);
proc->gnutls_initstage = GNUTLS_STAGE_HANDSHAKE_TRIED;
if (ret == GNUTLS_E_SUCCESS)
/* here we're finally done. */
proc->gnutls_initstage = GNUTLS_STAGE_READY;
emacs_gnutls_write (int fildes, struct Lisp_Process *proc, char *buf,
unsigned int nbyte)
......@@ -72,8 +100,10 @@ emacs_gnutls_read (int fildes, struct Lisp_Process *proc, char *buf,
register int rtnval;
gnutls_session_t state = proc->gnutls_state;
if (proc->gnutls_initstage != GNUTLS_STAGE_READY)
return 0;
if (proc->gnutls_initstage != GNUTLS_STAGE_READY) {
emacs_gnutls_handshake (proc);
return -1;
rtnval = gnutls_read (state, buf, nbyte);
if (rtnval >= 0)
......@@ -435,6 +465,8 @@ KEYFILE and optionally CALLBACK. */)
emacs_gnutls_handshake (XPROCESS (proc));
return gnutls_make_error (GNUTLS_E_SUCCESS);
......@@ -467,59 +499,6 @@ This function may also return `gnutls-e-again', or
return gnutls_make_error (ret);
DEFUN ("gnutls-handshake", Fgnutls_handshake,
Sgnutls_handshake, 1, 1, 0,
doc: /* Perform GNU TLS handshake for PROCESS.
The identity of the peer is checked automatically. This function will
fail if any problem is encountered, and will return a negative error
code. In case of a client, if it has been asked to resume a session,
but the server didn't, then a full handshake will be performed.
If the error `gnutls-e-not-ready-for-handshake' is returned, you
didn't call `gnutls-boot' first.
This function may also return the non-fatal errors `gnutls-e-again',
or `gnutls-e-interrupted'. In that case you may resume the handshake
(by calling this function again). */)
(Lisp_Object proc)
gnutls_session_t state;
int ret;
state = XPROCESS (proc)->gnutls_state;
return Qgnutls_e_not_ready_for_handshake;
/* for a network process in Emacs infd and outfd are the same
but this shows our intent more clearly. */
message ("gnutls: handshake: setting the transport pointers to %d/%d",
XPROCESS (proc)->infd, XPROCESS (proc)->outfd);
/* FIXME: This can't be right: infd and outfd are integers (file handles)
whereas the function expects args of type gnutls_transport_ptr_t. */
gnutls_transport_set_ptr2 (state, XPROCESS (proc)->infd,
XPROCESS (proc)->outfd);
ret = gnutls_handshake (state);
if (ret == GNUTLS_E_SUCCESS)
/* here we're finally done. */
return gnutls_make_error (ret);
syms_of_gnutls (void)
......@@ -561,7 +540,6 @@ syms_of_gnutls (void)
defsubr (&Sgnutls_error_string);
defsubr (&Sgnutls_boot);
defsubr (&Sgnutls_deinit);
defsubr (&Sgnutls_handshake);
defsubr (&Sgnutls_bye);
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