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normal-backup-enable-predicate, backup-directory-alist,

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......@@ -94,14 +94,10 @@ one argument, a file name to consider. If the function returns
@code{nil}, backups are disabled for that file. Otherwise, the other
variables in this section say whether and how to make backups.
The default value is this:
(lambda (name)
(or (< (length name) 5)
(not (string-equal "/tmp/"
(substring name 0 5)))))
@end example
@findex normal-backup-enable-predicate
The default value is @code{normal-backup-enable-predicate}, which checks
for files in @code{temporary-file-directory} and
@end defvar
@defvar backup-inhibited
......@@ -117,6 +113,44 @@ its value. Major modes should not set this variable---they should set
@code{make-backup-files} instead.
@end defvar
@defvar backup-directory-alist
This variable's value is an alist of filename patterns and backup
directory names. Each element looks like
(@var{regexp} . @var{directory})
@end smallexample
Backups of files with names matching @var{regexp} will be made in
@var{directory}. @var{directory} may be relative or absolute. If it is
absolute, so that all matching files are backed up into the same
directory, the file names in this directory will be the full name of the
file backed up with all directory separators changed to @samp{!} to
prevent clashes. This will not work correctly if your filesystem
truncates the resulting name.
For the common case of all backups going into one directory, the alist
should contain a single element pairing @samp{"."} with the appropriate
directory name.
If this variable is @code{nil}, or it fails to match a filename, the
backup is made in the original file's directory.
On MS-DOS filesystems without long names this variable is always
@end defvar
@defvar make-backup-file-name-function
This variable's value is a function to use for making backups instead of
the default @code{make-backup-file-name}. A value of nil gives the
default @code{make-backup-file-name} behaviour.
This could be buffer-local to do something special for for specific
files. If you define it, you may need to change
@code{backup-file-name-p} and @code{file-name-sans-versions} too.
@end defvar
@node Rename or Copy
@subsection Backup by Renaming or by Copying?
@cindex backup files, how to make them
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