Commit bae5a5a3 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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(cal-hebrew-yahrzeit-buffer): New constant.

(calendar-buffer-list): Simplify.
parent f575f9ab
......@@ -5,6 +5,39 @@
* startup.el (command-line-1): Rename -scriptload to -internal-script.
* calendar/calendar.el (cal-hebrew-yahrzeit-buffer): New constant.
(calendar-buffer-list): Simplify.
* calendar/cal-hebrew.el (list-yahrzeit-dates): Use
* calendar/cal-x.el (calendar-only-one-frame-setup)
(calendar-two-frame-setup): Doc fixes.
(special-display-buffer-names): Use cal-hebrew-yahrzeit-buffer.
* calendar/appt.el (appt-mode-string): Mark as risky.
(appt-check): Apply mode-line-emphasis face to appt-mode-string.
* calendar/cal-iso.el (calendar-absolute-from-iso)
(calendar-iso-read-args): Simplify.
(calendar-iso-date-string, calendar-iso-read-args)
(calendar-goto-iso-date, calendar-goto-iso-week): Doc fixes.
* calendar/cal-julian.el (calendar-julian-from-absolute): Use zerop.
(displayed-month, displayed-year): Move declarations where needed.
(calendar-print-astro-day-number): Doc fix.
* calendar/cal-persia.el (persian-calendar-month-name-array)
(persian-calendar-epoch, calendar-persian-date-string): Doc fixes.
(persian-prompt-for-date): Remove local variable `today'.
* calendar/solar.el (solar-moment, solar-exact-local-noon)
(solar-sunrise-sunset, solar-sunrise-sunset-string)
(solar-ephemeris-time, solar-date-next-longitude, solar-sidereal-time):
(diary-sabbath-candles, solar-equinoxes/solstices)
(solar-equinoxes-solstices): Use cadr, cdar, nth, zerop.
(solar-time-equation, solar-date-to-et): Simplify.
* mail/supercite.el: Remove the `function' in `(function (lambda'.
Replace `(car (cdr' with cadr'.
......@@ -1165,6 +1165,9 @@ with descriptive strings such as
(defconst lunar-phases-buffer "*Phases of Moon*"
"Name of the buffer used for the lunar phases.")
(defconst cal-hebrew-yahrzeit-buffer "*Yahrzeits*"
"Name of the buffer used by `list-yahrzeit-dates'.")
(defmacro increment-calendar-month (mon yr n)
"Increment the variables MON and YR by N months.
Forward if N is positive or backward if N is negative.
......@@ -1958,17 +1961,14 @@ the STRINGS are just concatenated and the result truncated."
(defun calendar-buffer-list ()
"List of all calendar-related buffers."
(let* ((diary-buffer (get-file-buffer diary-file))
(buffers (list "*Yahrzeits*" lunar-phases-buffer holiday-buffer
fancy-diary-buffer diary-buffer calendar-buffer
(buffer-list nil))
(dolist (b buffers)
(setq b (cond ((stringp b) (get-buffer b))
((bufferp b) b)
(t nil)))
(if b (push b buffer-list)))
(let (buffs)
(dolist (b (list cal-hebrew-yahrzeit-buffer lunar-phases-buffer
holiday-buffer fancy-diary-buffer
(get-file-buffer diary-file)
calendar-buffer other-calendars-buffer))
(and b (get-buffer b)
(push b buffs)))
(defun exit-calendar ()
"Get out of the calendar window and hide it and related buffers."
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