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2004-02-23 Nick Roberts <>
* gdb-ui.el (gud-watch): Load tooltip, if necessary.
(gdb-var-create-handler): Force speedbar-update-flag to be non-nil.
(gdb-var-delete): Make interactive (really).
(gdb-edit-value): Make non-interactive.
* progmodes/gud.el (gud-install-speedbar-variables): Bind
gdb-var-delete to "D".
(gud-speedbar-menu-items): Add gdb-var-delete and, indirectly,
(gud-speedbar-buttons): Remove gdb-var-delete from tag-line.
(gud-gdb-marker-filter): Add comment for annotations.
2004-02-23 Glenn Morris <>
* calendar/calendar.el (generate-calendar)
2004-02-23 Nick Roberts <>
* building.texi (Watch Expressions): Update.
2004-02-21 Juri Linkov <>
* cmdargs.texi (Action Arguments): Add alias --find-file. Add
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