Commit bb155908 authored by John Wiegley's avatar John Wiegley
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Don't load in esh-util if it's already loaded. Also, added a comment

describing how to greatly speedup Eshell loadup time, by concatenating
together all of Eshell's .elc files.
parent f84e9763
......@@ -210,11 +210,63 @@ the tasks accomplished by such tools."
;; @ 4nt
;; @ csh
;;;_* Speeding up load time
;; If you find that Eshell loads too slowly, there is something you
;; can do to speed it up.
;; Create a file, named /tmp/elc, containing this filelist:
;; esh-util.elc
;; eshell.elc
;; esh-module.elc
;; esh-var.elc
;; esh-proc.elc
;; esh-arg.elc
;; esh-io.elc
;; esh-ext.elc
;; esh-cmd.elc
;; esh-mode.elc
;; esh-opt.elc
;; em-alias.elc
;; em-banner.elc
;; em-basic.elc
;; em-cmpl.elc
;; em-dirs.elc
;; em-pred.elc
;; em-glob.elc
;; em-hist.elc
;; em-ls.elc
;; em-prompt.elc
;; em-rebind.elc
;; em-script.elc
;; em-smart.elc
;; em-term.elc
;; em-unix.elc
;; em-xtra.elc
;; The order is very important. Remove from the filelist any features
;; you don't use. These all begin with "em-". If you don't use
;; Eshell's key rebinding module, you can remove "em-rebind.elc" from
;; the filelist. The modules you are currently using are listed in
;; `eshell-modules-list'.
;; Now, concatenating all of the above mentioned .elc files, in that
;; order, to another file. Here is how to do this on UNIX:
;; cat `cat /tmp/elc` > tmp.elc ; mv tmp.elc eshell.elc
;; Now your eshell.elc file contains all of the .elc files that make
;; up Eshell, in the right load order. When you next load Eshell, it
;; will only have to read in this one file, which will greatly speed
;; things up.
;;;_* User Options
;; The following user options modify the behavior of Eshell overall.
(load "esh-util" nil t)
(unless (featurep 'esh-util)
(load "esh-util" nil t))
(defsubst eshell-add-to-window-buffer-names ()
"Add `eshell-buffer-name' to `same-window-buffer-names'."
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