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2000-06-06 Dave Love <>
* image.el (find-image): Doc fix. Return nil if image not found.
(put-image, insert-image): Make STRING arg optional.
2000-06-06 Kenichi Handa <>
* language/vietnamese.el: Remove eval-when-compile.
......@@ -533,11 +533,14 @@ about to be executed.
@defvar overlay-arrow-string
This variable holds the string to display to call attention to a
particular line, or @code{nil} if the arrow feature is not in use.
On a graphical display the contents of the string are ignored; instead a
glyph is displayed in the fringe area to the left of the display area.
@end defvar
@defvar overlay-arrow-position
This variable holds a marker that indicates where to display the overlay
arrow. It should point at the beginning of a line. The arrow text
arrow. It should point at the beginning of a line. On a non-graphical
display the arrow text
appears at the beginning of that line, overlaying any text that would
otherwise appear. Since the arrow is usually short, and the line
usually begins with indentation, normally nothing significant is
......@@ -2322,7 +2325,7 @@ If @var{window} is @code{nil}, the selected window is used.
@cindex conditional display specifications
You can make any display specification conditional. To do that,
package it in another list of the form @code{(when @var{condition}
package it in another list of the form @code{(when @var{condition} .
@var{spec})}. Then the specification @var{spec} applies only when
@var{condition} evaluates to a non-@code{nil} value. During the
evaluation, point is temporarily set at the end position of the text
......@@ -2674,7 +2677,7 @@ as @code{nil}.
property yourself, but it is easier to use the functions in this
@defun insert-image image string &optional area
@defun insert-image image &optional string area
This function inserts @var{image} in the current buffer at point. The
value @var{image} should be an image descriptor; it could be a value
returned by @code{create-image}, or the value of a symbol defined with
......@@ -2692,11 +2695,12 @@ it a @code{display} property which specifies @var{image}. @xref{Display
@end defun
@defun put-image image pos string &optional area
@defun put-image image pos &optional string area
This function puts image @var{image} in front of @var{pos} in the
current buffer. The argument @var{pos} should be an integer or a
marker. It specifies the buffer position where the image should appear.
The argument @var{string} specifies the text that should hold the image.
The argument @var{string} specifies the text that should hold the image
as an alternative to the default.
The argument @var{image} must be an image descriptor, perhaps returned
by @code{create-image} or stored by @code{defimage}.
2000-06-06 Dave Love <>
* xlwmenu.c (x_alloc_nearest_color_for_widget, x_catch_errors)
(x_uncatch_errors, x_had_errors_p, x_clear_errors): Add prototypes
-- should be moved into separate header.
(make_shadow_gcs) <x_alloc_nearest_color_for_widget>: Cast first
(Start) <pop_up_menu>: Cast second arg.
* lwlib.c (P_): Use PROTOTYPES.
(safe_strdup): Declare arg const.
(lw_modify_all_widgets) <!info>: Return 0.
* lwlib-Xm.c (P_): Use PROTOTYPES.
* xlwmenu.h, lwlib.h, lwlib-utils.h, lwlib-int.h, lwlib-Xm.h:
* lwlib-Xlw.h, lwlib-Xaw.h: Enable prototypes.
* lwlib-Xaw.c (xaw_popup_menu): Add EVENT arg.
* (lwlib.o): Depend on lwlib-Xlw.h.
(lwlib-Xlw.o): Depend on lwlib-Xlw.h.
(lwlib-Xaw.o): Depend on lwlib-Xaw.h.
(lwlib-Xm.o): Depend on lwlib-Xm.h.
2000-03-12 Gerd Moellmann <>
* lwlib-Xm.c (make_menubar) [LESSTIF_VERSION]: Don't set
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