Commit bb40cb8e authored by Jason Rumney's avatar Jason Rumney

(Fx_file_dialog): Encode strings in system coding system before

passing them to OS functions for display.
parent 0f6af254
......@@ -7735,14 +7735,14 @@ specified. Ensure that file exists if MUSTMATCH is non-nil. */)
/* Create the dialog with PROMPT as title, using DIR as initial
directory and using "*" as pattern. */
dir = Fexpand_file_name (dir, Qnil);
strncpy (init_dir, SDATA (dir), MAX_PATH);
strncpy (init_dir, SDATA (ENCODE_SYSTEM (dir)), MAX_PATH);
init_dir[MAX_PATH] = '\0';
unixtodos_filename (init_dir);
if (STRINGP (default_filename))
char *file_name_only;
char *full_path_name = SDATA (default_filename);
char *full_path_name = SDATA (ENCODE_SYSTEM (default_filename));
unixtodos_filename (full_path_name);
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