Commit bb9038ff authored by Chong Yidong's avatar Chong Yidong
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(w32_term_init): Don't initialize the image cache here; it will be

done in init_frame_faces.
parent 20d68145
......@@ -6204,7 +6204,6 @@ w32_term_init (display_name, xrm_option, resource_name)
dpyinfo->resx = GetDeviceCaps (hdc, LOGPIXELSX);
dpyinfo->resy = GetDeviceCaps (hdc, LOGPIXELSY);
dpyinfo->has_palette = GetDeviceCaps (hdc, RASTERCAPS) & RC_PALETTE;
dpyinfo->terminal->image_cache = make_image_cache ();
ReleaseDC (GetDesktopWindow (), hdc);
/* initialise palette with white and black */
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