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......@@ -103,6 +103,12 @@ types any more. Add -DUSE_LISP_UNION_TYPE if you want union types.
* Changes in Emacs 22.1
** C-u M-x goto-line now switches to the most recent previous buffer,
and goes to the specified line in that buffer.
When goto-line starts to execute, if there's a number in the buffer at
point then it acts as the default argument for the minibuffer.
** Emacs now responds to mouse-clicks on the mode-line, header-line and
display margin, when run in an xterm.
2005-03-05 Richard M. Stallman <>
* simple.el (goto-line): Use a number at point as the default.
With C-u as arg, switch buffers.
2005-03-05 Juri Linkov <>
* frame.el (blink-cursor-mode): Replace `emacs-quick-startup'
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