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Document `hash-table-keys and `hash-table-values'.

* doc/lispref/hash.texi (Other Hash): Document `hash-table-keys and
parent 91dedc43
2013-12-22 Xue Fuqiao <>
* hash.texi (Other Hash): Document `hash-table-keys and `hash-table-values'.
2013-12-22 Eli Zaretskii <>
* nonascii.texi (Character Properties): NAME or OLD-NAME
......@@ -353,3 +353,14 @@ This returns the rehash threshold of @var{table}.
@defun hash-table-size table
This returns the current nominal size of @var{table}.
@end defun
The following two functions are provided by the @file{subr-x} library.
To use them, you need to load this library first.
@defun hash-table-keys hash-table
This returns a list of keys in @var{hash-table}.
@end defun
@defun hash-table-values hash-table
This returns a list of values in @var{hash-table}.
@end defun
......@@ -949,8 +949,11 @@ frame.
** New macro with-eval-after-load. Like eval-after-load, but better behaved.
** New library subr-x.el for misc helper functions
*** `hash-table-keys'
*** `hash-table-values'
*** `string-blank-p`
*** `string-empty-p`
*** `string-join`
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