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NEWS markup for ImageMagick.

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......@@ -1381,12 +1381,14 @@ is being animated.
*** `image-extension-data' has been renamed to `image-metadata'.
The old name is an obsolete alias to the new one.
*** Emacs can be compiled with ImageMagick support.
This feature is not available for the Nextstep or MS ports.
Then the function `imagemagick-types' returns a list of image file
extensions that your installation of ImageMagick supports. The
function `imagemagick-register-types' enables ImageMagick support for
these image types, minus those listed in `imagemagick-types-inhibit'.
Visiting one of these file types will then use Image mode.
** XML and HTML parsing
If Emacs is compiled with libxml2 support, there are two new functions:
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