Commit bbaa1429 authored by Jonathan Yavner's avatar Jonathan Yavner
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Ensure that forms marked with `1value' actually always return the same value.

parent 19017752
......@@ -171,7 +171,6 @@ call to one of the `testcover-1value-functions'."
;;; Add instrumentation to your module
(defun testcover-start (filename &optional byte-compile)
"Uses edebug to instrument all macros and functions in FILENAME, then
changes the instrumentation from edebug to testcover--much faster, no
......@@ -210,7 +209,8 @@ non-nil, byte-compiles each function after instrumenting."
"Reinstruments FORM to use testcover instead of edebug. This function
modifies the list that FORM points to. Result is non-nil if FORM will
always return the same value."
(let ((fun (car-safe form)))
(let ((fun (car-safe form))
((not fun) ;Atom
(or (not (symbolp form))
......@@ -234,10 +234,10 @@ always return the same value."
(testcover-reinstrument (cadr form)))
((memq fun testcover-compose-functions)
;;1-valued if all arguments are
(setq fun t)
(mapc #'(lambda (x) (setq fun (or (testcover-reinstrument x) fun)))
(setq id t)
(mapc #'(lambda (x) (setq id (or (testcover-reinstrument x) id)))
(cdr form))
((eq fun 'edebug-enter)
;;(edebug-enter 'SYM ARGS #'(lambda nil FORMS))
;; => (testcover-enter 'SYM #'(lambda nil FORMS))
......@@ -250,17 +250,22 @@ always return the same value."
;; => (testcover-after YYY FORM), mark XXX as ok-coverage
(unless (eq (cadr form) 0)
(aset testcover-vector (cadr (cadr form)) 'ok-coverage))
(setq fun (nth 2 form))
(setq id (nth 2 form))
(setcdr form (nthcdr 2 form))
(if (not (memq (car-safe (nth 2 form)) testcover-noreturn-functions))
(setcar form 'testcover-after)
((memq (car-safe (nth 2 form)) testcover-noreturn-functions)
;;This function won't return, so set the value in advance
;;(edebug-after (edebug-before XXX) YYY FORM)
;; => (progn (edebug-after YYY nil) FORM)
(setcar form 'progn)
(setcar (cdr form) `(testcover-after ,fun nil)))
(setcar (cdr form) `(testcover-after ,id nil)))
((eq (car-safe (nth 2 form)) '1value)
;;This function is always supposed to return the same value
(setcar form 'testcover-1value))
(setcar form 'testcover-after)))
(when (testcover-reinstrument (nth 2 form))
(aset testcover-vector fun '1value)))
(aset testcover-vector id '1value)))
((eq fun 'defun)
(if (testcover-reinstrument-list (nthcdr 3 form))
(push (cadr form) testcover-module-1value-functions)))
......@@ -316,8 +321,11 @@ always return the same value."
;;Hack - pretend the arg is 1-valued here
(if (symbolp (cadr form)) ;A pseudoconstant variable
(if (eq (car (cadr form)) 'edebug-after)
(setq id (car (nth 3 (cadr form))))
(setq id (car (cadr form))))
(let ((testcover-1value-functions
(cons (car (cadr form)) testcover-1value-functions)))
(cons id testcover-1value-functions)))
(testcover-reinstrument (cadr form)))))
(t ;Some other function or weird thing
(testcover-reinstrument-list (cdr form))
......@@ -348,15 +356,6 @@ Result is t if every clause is 1-valued."
(let ((buf (find-file-noselect buffer)))
(eval-buffer buf t)))
(defmacro 1value (form)
"For coverage testing, indicate FORM should always have the same value."
(defmacro noreturn (form)
"For coverage testing, indicate that FORM will never return."
`(prog1 ,form
(error "Form marked with `noreturn' did return")))
;;; Accumulate coverage data
......@@ -379,6 +378,19 @@ binding `testcover-vector' to the code-coverage vector for TESTCOVER-SYM
(aset testcover-vector idx 'ok-coverage)))
(defun testcover-1value (idx val)
"Internal function for coverage testing. Returns VAL after installing it in
`testcover-vector' at offset IDX. Error if FORM does not always return the
same value during coverage testing."
((eq (aref testcover-vector idx) '1value)
(aset testcover-vector idx (cons '1value val)))
((not (and (eq (car-safe (aref testcover-vector idx)) '1value)
(equal (cdr (aref testcover-vector idx)) val)))
(error "Value of form marked with `1value' does vary.")))
;;; Display the coverage data as color splotches on your code.
......@@ -411,6 +423,7 @@ eliminated by adding more test cases."
(setq len (1- len)
data (aref coverage len))
(when (and (not (eq data 'ok-coverage))
(not (eq (car-safe data) '1value))
(setq j (+ def-mark (aref points len))))
(setq ov (make-overlay (1- j) j))
(overlay-put ov 'face
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