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Start laying out a plan for Emacs-24

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......@@ -12,7 +12,46 @@ it best. Since Emacs is an FSF-copyrighted package, please be
prepared to sign legal papers to transfer the copyright on your work
to the FSF.
* Simple tasks. These don't require much emacs knowledge, they are
* Tentative plan for Emacs-24
** Bidi
** lexbind: I haven't checked the status of the code recently, so
I don't know how realistic it is to include it. But it's been around
for a long time, and I trust Miles, so I have hope.
** concurrency: including it as an "experimental" compile-time option
sounds good. Of course there might still be big questions around
"which form of concurrency" we'll want.
** Overhaul of customize: sounds wonderful.
** some kind of color-theme: agreed.
** better support for dynamic embedded graphics: I like this idea (my
mpc.el code could use it for the volume widget), tho I wonder if the
resulting efficiency will be sufficient.
** Spread Semantic.
** Improve the "code snippets" support: consolidate skeleton.el, tempo.el,
and expand.el (any other?) and then advertise/use/improve it.
** Improve VC: yes, there's a lot of work to be done there :-(
And most of it could/should make it into Emacs-23.3.
** package manager.
** Random things that cross my mind right now that I'd like to see (some of
them from my local hacks), but it's not obvious at all whether they'll
make it.
*** multiple inheritance for keymaps (to get rid of the
fix_submap_inheritance hack and to more cleanly express the
relationship between minibuffer-local-*-map): I've had this locally
for a long time, but the details of the semantics is somewhat ... delicate.
*** prog-mode (a parent-mode, like text-mode). Could/should provide
a better fill-paragraph default that uses syntax-tables to recognize
string/comment boundaries.
*** provide more completion-at-point-functions. Make existing
in-buffer completion use completion-at-point.
*** "functional" function-key-map that would make it easy to add (and
remove) mappings like "FOO-mouse-4 -> FOO-scroll-down",
"FOO-tab -> ?\FOO-\t", "uppercase -> lowercase", "[fringe KEY...] ->
[KEY]", "H-FOO -> M-FOO", "C-x C-y FOO -> H-FOO", ...
* Simple tasks. These don't require much Emacs knowledge, they are
suitable for anyone from beginners to experts.
** Convert modes that use view-mode to be derived from special-mode instead.
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