Commit bbcac09c authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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Undo previous change.

parent 0d66b6f3
......@@ -205,21 +205,12 @@ MOVE_FLAGS=
COM_ERRLIB = -lcom_err
# endif
GSSAPI_KRB5LIB = -lgssapi_krb5
# endif
#endif /* KERBEROS */
GSSAPILIB = -lgssapi
#endif /* KERBEROS
#ifdef HESIOD
HESIODLIB= -lhesiod
/* If HESIOD is defined, set this to "-lhesiod". */
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -36,7 +36,6 @@ struct _popserver
int buffer_size, buffer_index;
int in_multi;
int trash_started;
void *extra;
typedef struct _popserver *popserver;
......@@ -48,30 +47,6 @@ typedef struct _popserver *popserver;
#define POP_NO_KERBEROS (1<<0)
#define POP_NO_HESIOD (1<<1)
#define POP_NO_GETPASS (1<<2)
#define POP_NO_GSSAPI (1<<3) /* don't use the GSSAPI */
#define POP_NO_NOPROT (1<<4) /* prohibit no protection; this *only* */
/* makes sense if you use GSSAPI */
#define POP_NO_INTEG (1<<5) /* don't use plain integrity */
#define POP_NO_ENCRYPT (1<<6) /* don't use encryption */
* GSSAPI documentation
* This version will attempt to perform a GSSAPI handshake first; if this
* fails, then it will attempt standard POP authentication. Note that
* library conflicts may prevent the use of this with the Kerberos
* kpop hack.
* If you specify POP_NO_NOPROT and this library is unable to provide either
* integrity protection or encryption, pop_open() will fail. The pop_open()
* call will attempt the highest level protection available; i.e., if both
* server and client support encryption (and you do not provide the
* POP_NO_ENCRYPT flag), that will be used; if both server and client support
* integrity protection (and you do not provide the POP_NO_INTEG flag), that
* will be used. If neither of these are available, and you have not
* specified the POP_NO_NOPROT flag, then this will be a normal, unprotected
* connection.
#ifdef __STDC__
#define _ARGS(a) a
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