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More details on a multi-tty change.

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......@@ -901,7 +901,8 @@ $TERM inherited by Emacs you will have to look inside initial-environment.
*** The `window-system' variable has been made frame-local. The new
`initial-window-system' variable contains the `window-system' value
for the first frame.
for the first frame. `window-system' is also now a function that
takes a frame argument.
*** You can specify a terminal device (`tty' parameter) and a terminal
type (`tty-type' parameter) to `make-terminal-frame'.
2008-04-01 Glenn Morris <>
* calendar/calendar.el (calendar-nongregorian-visible-p): New function.
* calendar/cal-hebrew.el (calendar-hebrew-date-is-visible-p):
* calendar/cal-julian.el (holiday-julian): Use it.
* calendar/cal-hebrew.el (hebrew-calendar-elapsed-days): Doc fix.
(calendar-hebrew-date-is-visible-p): Extract some common code into
separate function.
(holiday-hebrew, mark-hebrew-calendar-date-pattern): Use it.
* calendar/cal-menu.el (cal-menu-holidays-menu):
* calendar/calendar.el (calendar-mode-map): Use calendar-mark-holidays
rather than obsolete alias.
* calendar/calendar.el (mark-visible-calendar-date): Also use overlay
for mark characters.
(calendar-unmark): Unmark by removing all overlays, rather than
(calendar-starred-day): Remove.
(calendar-mode): Disable undo. Don't make calendar-starred-day local.
(calendar-cursor-to-date): No need for special star handling now
using overlays.
(calendar-star-date): Use overlays.
* calendar/cal-french.el (calendar-goto-french-date):
* calendar/cal-hebrew.el (calendar-hebrew-from-absolute)
(holiday-hanukkah, mark-hebrew-calendar-date-pattern):
* calendar/cal-move.el (calendar-forward-month, calendar-end-of-month):
* calendar/cal-persia.el (calendar-persian-date-string):
* calendar/cal-tex.el (cal-tex-cursor-month-landscape)
(cal-tex-cursor-month, cal-tex-LaTeXify-string):
* calendar/lunar.el (lunar-phase-list, lunar-new-moon-on-or-after):
* calendar/solar.el (solar-equinoxes-solstices):
Reduce nesting of some lets.
* calendar/cal-mayan.el (calendar-string-to-mayan-long-count):
(calendar-goto-mayan-long-count-date): Simplify.
* calendar/holidays.el (calendar-holiday-list, holiday-easter-etc):
Simplify by using mapcar.
(calendar-list-holidays): Return holiday-list.
(list-holidays): Use let rather than let*. Remove un-needed locals
`d', `never'.
(calendar-check-holidays): Return result from dolist.
(holiday-float): Use a single let*. Simplify if-and to and.
(holiday-sexp, holiday-advent, holiday-greek-orthodox-easter): Use a
single let*.
2008-04-01 Jay Belanger <>
* calc/calc.el: Autoload `calc-yank'.
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