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(Help Functions): Remove a sentence about long-obsolete Emacs versions.

parent 87f649f6
......@@ -532,7 +532,6 @@ It also displays the symbols in a buffer named @samp{*Apropos*}, each
with a one-line description taken from the beginning of its
documentation string.
@c Emacs 19 feature
If @var{do-all} is non-@code{nil}, or if the user option
@code{apropos-do-all} is non-@code{nil}, then @code{apropos} also
shows key bindings for the functions that are found; it also shows
......@@ -645,15 +644,12 @@ bindings are, and what the mode is intended for. It returns @code{nil}.
This can be customized by changing the map @code{Helper-help-map}.
@end deffn
@c Emacs 19 feature
@defvar data-directory
@anchor{Definition of data-directory}
This variable holds the name of the directory in which Emacs finds
certain documentation and text files that come with Emacs. In older
Emacs versions, @code{exec-directory} was used for this.
certain documentation and text files that come with Emacs.
@end defvar
@c Emacs 19 feature
@defmac make-help-screen fname help-line help-text help-map
This macro defines a help command named @var{fname} that acts like a
prefix key that shows a list of the subcommands it offers.
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