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Say how to disable VC.

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......@@ -1124,6 +1124,10 @@ from the Free Software Foundation. We also have free software to
replace SCCS, known as CSSC; if you are using SCCS and don't want to
make the incompatible change to RCS or CVS, you can switch to CSSC.
VC is enabled by default in Emacs. To disable it, set the
customizable variable @code{vc-handled-backends} to @code{nil}
(@pxref{Customizing VC}).
* Introduction to VC:: How version control works in general.
* VC Mode Line:: How the mode line shows version control status.
......@@ -2494,7 +2498,8 @@ The variable @code{vc-handled-backends} determines which version
control systems VC should handle. The default value is @code{(RCS CVS
SCCS)}, so it contains all three version systems that are currently
supported. If you want VC to ignore one or more of these systems,
exclude its name from the list.
exclude its name from the list. To disable VC entirely, set this
variable to @code{nil}.
The order of systems in the list is significant: when you visit a file
registered in more than one system (@pxref{Local Version Control}),
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