* lisp/progmodes/python.el: Shell output capture enhancements.

(python-shell-accept-process-output): New function.
(python-shell-send-setup-code): Use it.
parent 1b256726
2014-07-31 Fabián Ezequiel Gallina <fgallina@gnu.org>
* progmodes/python.el: Shell output capture enhancements.
(python-shell-accept-process-output): New function.
(python-shell-send-setup-code): Use it.
2014-07-30 Christophe Deleuze <christophe.deleuze@free.fr> (tiny change)
* calendar/icalendar.el (icalendar--decode-isodatetime): Use
......@@ -2129,6 +2129,27 @@ uniqueness for different types of configurations."
directory package package)
(defun python-shell-accept-process-output (process &optional timeout regexp)
"Accept PROCESS output with TIMEOUT until REGEXP is found.
Optional argument TIMEOUT is the timeout argument to
`accept-process-output' calls. Optional argument REGEXP
overrides the regexp to match the end of output, defaults to
`comint-prompt-regexp.'. Returns non-nil when output was
properly captured.
This utility is useful in situations where the output may be
received in chunks, since `accept-process-output' gives no
guarantees they will be grabbed in a single call. An example use
case for this would be the CPython shell start-up, where the
banner and the initial prompt are received separetely."
(let ((regexp (or regexp comint-prompt-regexp)))
(catch 'found
(while t
(when (not (accept-process-output process timeout))
(throw 'found nil))
(when (looking-back regexp)
(throw 'found t))))))
(defun python-shell-comint-end-of-output-p (output)
"Return non-nil if OUTPUT is ends with input prompt."
......@@ -2380,13 +2401,8 @@ variable.
(when python-shell-font-lock-enable
(compilation-shell-minor-mode 1)
;; Ensure all the output is accepted before running any hooks.
(accept-process-output (get-buffer-process (current-buffer)))
;; At this point, all process output should have been received, but
;; on GNU/Linux, calling `python-shell-internal-send-string' without
;; a running internal shell fails to grab output properly unless
;; this `sit-for' is in place.
(sit-for 0.1 t))
(get-buffer-process (current-buffer))))
(defun python-shell-make-comint (cmd proc-name &optional pop internal)
"Create a Python shell comint buffer.
......@@ -2790,8 +2806,8 @@ This function takes the list of setup code to send from the
"\n\nprint ('python.el: sent setup code')")))
(python-shell-send-string code)
(accept-process-output process)))
(python-shell-send-string code process)
(python-shell-accept-process-output process)))
(add-hook 'inferior-python-mode-hook
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