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Added compilation instructions to README.multi-tty.

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......@@ -28,10 +28,17 @@ Basic multi-tty support is there; there are some rough edges, but it
already seems to be usable. Emacsclient has been extended to support
opening a new terminal frame.
To try it out, start up the emacs server (M-x server-start), and then
To try it out, compile Emacs with the following commands
mkdir +build
cd +build
../configure --with-x-toolkit=no --without-x
make bootstrap
then start up the emacs server (src/emacs, M-x server-start), and then
(from a shell prompt on another terminal) start emacsclient with
emacsclient -h
lib-src/emacsclient -h
You'll hopefully have two fully working frames on separate terminals.
If you exit emacs, both terminals should be restored to their previous
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