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2005-05-02 Jay Belanger <>
* calc/calc-aent.el (math-read-token): Replace `string-to-int' by
* calc/calc-bin.el (calc-word-size): Replace `string-to-int' by
* calc-ext.el (calc-read-number-fancy): Replace `string-to-int' by
* calc-forms.el (calc-time, calc-date-notation, math-this-year)
(math-parse-date, math-parse-standard-date, calcFunc-tzone):
Replace `string-to-int' by `string-to-number'.
* calc/calc-frac.el (calc-over-notation): Replace `string-to-int'
by `string-to-number'.
* calc/calc-graph.el (calc-graph-plot, calc-graph-set-styles)
(calc-graph-num-points, calc-graph-init): Replace `string-to-int'
by `string-to-number'.
* calc/calc-prog.el (calc-read-parse-table-part)
(calc-edit-macro-repeats): Replace `string-to-int' by
* calc/calc-yank.el (calc-do-grab-rectangle): Replace
`string-to-int' by `string-to-number'.
* calc/calc.el (calcDigit-key, math-read-number)
(math-read-bignum): Replace `string-to-int' by `string-to-number'.
2005-05-02 Kim F. Storm <>
* kmacro.el: Use executing-kbd-macro-index variable.
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