Commit bc44be50 authored by Chong Yidong's avatar Chong Yidong
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* loading.texi (Autoload): Explicitly state which forms are processed specially.

Fixes: debbugs:7783
parent 83ef8187
2012-03-10 Chong Yidong <>
* loading.texi (Autoload): Explicitly state which forms are
processed specially (Bug#7783).
* keymaps.texi (Mouse Menus): Describe non-toolkit behavior as the
non-default situation. Describe one-submenu exception (Bug#7695).
......@@ -500,14 +500,31 @@ Building Emacs loads @file{loaddefs.el} and thus calls @code{autoload}.
autoloads for all files in the current directory.
The same magic comment can copy any kind of form into
@file{loaddefs.el}. If the form following the magic comment is not a
function-defining form or a @code{defcustom} form, it is copied
verbatim. ``Function-defining forms'' include @code{define-skeleton},
@code{define-derived-mode}, @code{define-generic-mode} and
@code{define-minor-mode} as well as @code{defun} and
@code{defmacro}. To save space, a @code{defcustom} form is converted to
a @code{defvar} in @file{loaddefs.el}, with some additional information
if it uses @code{:require}.
@file{loaddefs.el}. The form following the magic comment is copied
verbatim, @emph{except} if it is one of the forms which the autoload
facility handles specially (e.g.@: by conversion into an
@code{autoload} call). The forms which are not copied verbatim are
the following:
@table @asis
@item Definitions for function or function-like objects:
@code{defun} and @code{defmacro}; also @code{defun*} and
@code{defmacro*} (@pxref{Argument Lists,,,cl,CL Manual}), and
@code{define-overloadable-function} (see the commentary in
@item Definitions for major or minor modes:
@code{define-derived-mode}, @code{define-minor-mode},
@code{define-compilation-mode}, @code{define-generic-mode},
@code{easy-mmode-define-global-mode}, @code{define-global-minor-mode},
@code{define-globalized-minor-mode}, and
@item Other definition types:
@code{defcustom}, @code{defgroup}, @code{defclass}
(@pxref{Top,EIEIO,,eieio,EIEIO}), and @code{define-skeleton} (see the
commentary in @file{skeleton.el}).
@end table
You can also use a magic comment to execute a form at build time
@emph{without} executing it when the file itself is loaded. To do this,
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