Commit bc4e60fc authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman

(x_term_init): Use turn_on_atimers, not start_polling and stop_polling.

parent 454fd6b4
......@@ -14805,12 +14805,12 @@ x_term_init (display_name, xrm_option, resource_name)
argv[argc++] = "-xrm";
argv[argc++] = xrm_option;
stop_polling ();
turn_on_atimers (0);
dpy = XtOpenDisplay (Xt_app_con, SDATA (display_name),
resource_name, EMACS_CLASS,
emacs_options, XtNumber (emacs_options),
&argc, argv);
start_polling ();
turn_on_atimers (1);
#ifdef HAVE_X11XTR6
/* I think this is to compensate for XtSetLanguageProc. */
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