Commit bc5485ed authored by Paul Eggert's avatar Paul Eggert
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Port renameat_noreplace to openSUSE 12.3

Problem reported by M. Nomiya in:
* src/sysdep.c (renameat_noreplace):
Call renameat2 only if CYGWIN.
parent bc511a64
......@@ -2689,7 +2689,7 @@ renameat_noreplace (int srcfd, char const *src, int dstfd, char const *dst)
#if defined SYS_renameat2 && defined RENAME_NOREPLACE
return syscall (SYS_renameat2, srcfd, src, dstfd, dst, RENAME_NOREPLACE);
#elif defined RENAME_NOREPLACE /* Cygwin >= 2.9.0. */
#elif defined CYGWIN && defined RENAME_NOREPLACE
return renameat2 (srcfd, src, dstfd, dst, RENAME_NOREPLACE);
#elif defined RENAME_EXCL
return renameatx_np (srcfd, src, dstfd, dst, RENAME_EXCL);
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