Commit bc8661ca authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(rmail-list-to-menu): Bind `command' with let.

parent a16aef15
...@@ -762,6 +762,7 @@ original copy." ...@@ -762,6 +762,7 @@ original copy."
(let ((menu (make-sparse-keymap menu-name))) (let ((menu (make-sparse-keymap menu-name)))
(mapcar (mapcar
(function (lambda (item) (function (lambda (item)
(let (command)
(if (consp item) (if (consp item)
(progn (progn
(setq command (setq command
...@@ -783,7 +784,7 @@ original copy." ...@@ -783,7 +784,7 @@ original copy."
item) item)
rmail-secondary-file-directory)))))) rmail-secondary-file-directory))))))
(define-key menu (vector (intern name)) (define-key menu (vector (intern name))
(cons name command)))) (cons name command)))))
(reverse l)) (reverse l))
menu)) menu))
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