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(checkdoc): Updated commentary.

(checkdoc-autofix-flag): Updated doc.
(checkdoc-force-docstrings-flag): Updated doc.
(checkdoc-force-history-flag): New flag.
(checkdoc-triple-semi-comment-check-flag): Fixed name.
(checkdoc-spellcheck-documentation-flag): Fixed doc.
(checkdoc-ispell-lisp-words): Update default value.
(checkdoc-generate-compile-warnings-flag, checkdoc-proper-noun-list,
checkdoc-proper-noun-regexp, checkdoc-symbol-words): New variables.
(princ-list): Function created if it isn't bound.
(checkdoc-interactive): parts removed to `checkdoc-interactive-loop'.
(checkdoc,checkdoc-message-interactive): New function.
(checkdoc-interactive-loop): was in `checkdoc-interactive', then
added better keybindings, and better autofixing behavior,
Cursor now sits next to the error, forcing scrolling if needed,
and using a better centering algorithm, and much better error
navigation after choosing "f"ix.
(checkdoc-next-error): Added parameter ENABLE-FIX.
(checkdoc-next-message-error,checkdoc-recursive-edit): New functions.
(checkdoc-start): was `checkdoc', uses new note taking system.
(checkdoc-current-buffer, checkdoc-continue, checkdoc-comments):
Updated to use new note taking system.
(checkdoc-rogue-spaces, checkdoc-rogue-space-check-engine):
Added INTERACT parameter, uses new warnings functions.
(checkdoc-message-text, checkdoc-defun):
Updated to use new note taking system.
(checkdoc-ispell-current-buffer, checkdoc-ispell-interactive): fix doc.
(checkdoc-ispell-message-text, checkdoc-ispell-start): New function.
(checkdoc-create-error, checkdoc-error-text, checkdoc-error-start,
checkdoc-error-end, checkdoc-error-unfixable): New functions.
(checkdoc-minor-keymap): Updated keybinds to new interactive functions,
completely re-arranged the minor-mode menu.
(checkdoc-this-string-valid): Moved no doc-string warning here,
and added autofix if a comment already exists there.
(checkdoc-this-string-valid-engine): fix doc, robusted doc finder.
All previously returned errors now call `checkdoc-create-error'.
Moved no doc string warning out.  Update allowed punctuation at
end of first line.  Fixed up sentence joining.  Verb checking flag
now only checks the first line of a function.  Added more safe
conditions to ambiguous symbols.  Moved symbol quoting to end.
Added autofix for variables that should end in `-flag'.
Replaced use of `y-or-n-p' with `checkdoc-y-or-n-p'.
Reading checkdoc-param comment no longer depends on list syntax.
Fixed various error string spelling & format.
(checkdoc-in-sample-code-p): List starting with all caps word is
now condsidered sample code.
(checkdoc-in-example-string-p, checkdoc-proper-noun-region-engine,
checkdoc-sentencespace-region-engine): New functions.
(checkdoc-ispell-docstring-engine): Disable spell checking during
if user never wants interaction.  We don't have a non-interactive
spell checking method yet.
(checkdoc-file-comments-engine): Now set up to check all possible
conditions even after encountering an error.  Added auto-fixes
for history and commentary.  All previously returned errors now call
`checkdoc-create-error'.  Message spelling and format.
Moved parts to `checkdoc-message-text-next-string'.
(checkdoc-message-text-next-string): New function
(checkdoc-message-text-engine):  All previously returned errors
now call `checkdoc-create-error'.  Can find/skip 'format' call
after the call we are checking.  Added sentence/propernoun scans.
`y-or-n-p' checks and fixes are now more robust.
(checkdoc-y-or-n-p): New function.
(checkdoc-autofix-ask-replace): Update doc.  Protect match-data.
Correctly handle `checkdoc-autofix-flag' of 'never.  New behavior
with `checkdoc-autofix-flag' of 'automatic-then-never.  Better
overlay handling.
(checkdoc-output-font-lock-keywords): Updated to new output format.
(checkdoc-pending-errors): New variable.
(checkdoc-find-error): Updated to new output format.
(checkdoc-start-section, checkdoc-error): Improved the output.
(checkdoc-show-diagnostics): Smarter show algorithm.
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