Commit bcddd52e authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(rmail-get-new-mail): Position on first unseen message.

Return t if actually got new mail.
(rmail): Show rmail-first-unseen-message if got no new mail.
parent c03e1113
......@@ -281,14 +281,9 @@ If `rmail-display-summary' is non-nil, make a summary for this RMAIL file."
(let ((existing-unseen (rmail-first-unseen-message)))
(or file-name-arg
;; Show the first unseen message, which might be from a previous session
;; or might have been just read in by rmail-get-new-mail. Must
;; determine already unseen messages first, as rmail-get-new-mail
;; positions on the first new message, thus marking it as seen.
(rmail-show-message existing-unseen))
(or (and (null file-name-arg)
(rmail-show-message (rmail-first-unseen-message)))
(if rmail-display-summary (rmail-summary))
......@@ -800,7 +795,8 @@ file of new mail is not changed or deleted. Noninteractively, you can
pass the inbox file name as an argument. Interactively, a prefix
argument causes us to read a file name and use that file as the inbox.
This function runs `rmail-get-new-mail-hook' before saving the updated file."
This function runs `rmail-get-new-mail-hook' before saving the updated file.
It returns t if it got any new messages."
(list (if current-prefix-arg
(read-file-name "Get new mail from file: "))))
......@@ -864,16 +860,21 @@ This function runs `rmail-get-new-mail-hook' before saving the updated file."
(if (= new-messages 0)
(progn (goto-char opoint)
(if (or file-name rmail-inbox-list)
(message "(No new mail has arrived)")))
(message "(No new mail has arrived)"))
(if (rmail-summary-exists)
(message "%d new message%s read"
new-messages (if (= 1 new-messages) "" "s"))
;; Move to the first new message
;; unless we have other unseen messages before it.
(rmail-show-message (rmail-first-unseen-message))
;; Update the displayed time, since that will clear out
;; the flag that says you have mail.
(if (eq (process-status "display-time") 'run)
(display-time-filter display-time-process ""))))
(display-time-filter display-time-process ""))
;; Don't leave the buffer screwed up if we get a disk-full error.
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