Commit bcea31c2 authored by Dave Love's avatar Dave Love
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(xim_initialize): Use XRegisterIMInstantiateCallback_arg6.

parent fcf08f5b
2003-06-24 Dave Love <>
* xterm.c (xim_initialize): Use XRegisterIMInstantiateCallback_arg6.
* strftime.c: Test HAVE_SYS__MBSTATE_H, not __hpux. Merge changes
from gnulib.
2003-06-21 Richard M. Stallman <>
* fileio.c (Fwrite_region): Alternate messages
......@@ -8120,10 +8120,10 @@ xim_initialize (dpyinfo, resource_name)
XRegisterIMInstantiateCallback (dpyinfo->display, dpyinfo->xrdb,
resource_name, EMACS_CLASS,
/* Fixme: This is XPointer in
XFree86 but (XPointer *) on
Tru64, at least. */
(XPointer) xim_inst);
/* This is XPointer in XFree86
but (XPointer *) on Tru64, at
least, hence the configure test. */
(XRegisterIMInstantiateCallback_arg6) xim_inst);
#else /* not HAVE_X11R6_XIM */
dpyinfo->xim = NULL;
xim_open_dpy (dpyinfo, resource_name);
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