Commit bcfe2e0e authored by Paul Eggert's avatar Paul Eggert

Fix customization of text-quoting-style

* lisp/cus-edit.el (custom-guess-type, custom-variable-documentation):
* lisp/wid-edit.el (widget-docstring):
Get raw docstring here since it’s cooked later and should not be
cooked twice.
* lisp/cus-edit.el (custom-group-value-create):
Cook the docstring before inserting it.
* lisp/cus-start.el (text-quoting-style): Quote the customization
docstrings according to the new rules.  Give curved examples.
parent 71781c31
......@@ -633,7 +633,7 @@ if that fails, the doc string with `custom-guess-doc-alist'."
(setq found (nth 1 current)
names nil)))
(unless found
(let ((doc (documentation-property symbol 'variable-documentation))
(let ((doc (documentation-property symbol 'variable-documentation t))
(docs custom-guess-doc-alist))
(when doc
(while docs
......@@ -2457,7 +2457,7 @@ If INITIAL-STRING is non-nil, use that rather than \"Parent groups:\"."
"Return documentation of VARIABLE for use in Custom buffer.
Normally just return the docstring. But if VARIABLE automatically
becomes buffer local when set, append a message to that effect."
(format "%s%s" (documentation-property variable 'variable-documentation)
(format "%s%s" (documentation-property variable 'variable-documentation t)
(if (and (local-variable-if-set-p variable)
(or (not (local-variable-p variable))
......@@ -3995,7 +3995,7 @@ If GROUPS-ONLY is non-nil, return only those members that are groups."
(members (custom-group-members symbol
(and (eq custom-buffer-style 'tree)
(doc (widget-docstring widget)))
(doc (substitute-command-keys (widget-docstring widget))))
(cond ((and (eq custom-buffer-style 'tree)
(eq state 'hidden)
(or members (custom-unloaded-widget-p widget)))
......@@ -224,11 +224,9 @@ Leaving \"Default\" unchecked is equivalent with specifying a default of
(const :tag "Quote with curved single quotes" curve)
(const :tag "Quote with straight apostrophes 'like this'"
(const :tag "Quote with grave accent and apostrophe `like this'"
(const :tag "Quote with curved single quotes \\=like this\\=" curve)
(const :tag "Quote with straight apostrophes \\='like this\\='" straight)
(const :tag "Quote with grave accent and apostrophe \\=`like this\\='" grave)
(const :tag "Use curved quotes if displayable, grave accent and apostrophe otherwise" nil))
;; dosfns.c
......@@ -1676,7 +1676,7 @@ as the argument to `documentation-property'."
(cond ((functionp doc-prop)
(funcall doc-prop value))
((symbolp doc-prop)
(documentation-property value doc-prop)))))))
(documentation-property value doc-prop t)))))))
(when (and (stringp doc) (> (length doc) 0))
;; Remove any redundant `*' in the beginning.
(when (eq (aref doc 0) ?*)
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