Commit bd2bd8fa authored by Bill Wohler's avatar Bill Wohler
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(Replying): Fix syntax error.

parent 2783974d
......@@ -4062,13 +4062,12 @@ to whom?}. You have several choices here.
The person who sent the message. This is the default, so @key{RET} is
@c -------------------------
@item @kbd{to}
Replies to the sender, plus all recipients in the @samp{To:} header field.
@item @kbd{all}
@itemx @kbd{cc}
@c -------------------------
@item @kbd{cc}@*@kbd{all}
Forms a reply to the addresses in the @samp{Mail-Followup-To:} header
field if one exists; otherwise forms a reply to the sender, plus all
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