Commit bd40f902 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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Nikolaj Schumacher <n_schumacher at> (tiny change)

(compilation-handle-exit): `compilation-finish-function' may change
the current buffer.
parent 1083cfb1
......@@ -1426,7 +1426,8 @@ Turning the mode on runs the normal hook `compilation-minor-mode-hook'."
process-status exit-status msg)
(cons msg exit-status)))
(omax (point-max))
(opoint (point)))
(opoint (point))
(cur-buffer (current-buffer)))
;; Record where we put the message, so we can ignore it later on.
(goto-char omax)
(insert ?\n mode-name " " (car status))
......@@ -1447,8 +1448,8 @@ Turning the mode on runs the normal hook `compilation-minor-mode-hook'."
(goto-char opoint))
(if compilation-finish-function
(funcall compilation-finish-function (current-buffer) msg)))
(run-hook-with-args 'compilation-finish-functions (current-buffer) msg)))
(funcall compilation-finish-function cur-buffer msg)))
(run-hook-with-args 'compilation-finish-functions cur-buffer msg)))
;; Called when compilation process changes state.
(defun compilation-sentinel (proc msg)
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