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(USAGE): New macro.

(main): Use it to display usage information.
parent 154a757e
......@@ -200,6 +200,76 @@ int initial_argc;
static void sort_args ();
void syms_of_emacs ();
#define USAGE "\
Usage: %s [OPTION-OR-FILENAME]...\n\
Run Emacs, the extensible, customizable, self-documenting real-time\n\
display editor. The recommended way to start Emacs for normal editing\n\
is with no options at all.\n\
Run M-x info RET m emacs RET m command arguments RET inside Emacs to\n\
read the main documentation for these command-line arguments.\n\
Initialization options:\n\
--batch do not do interactive display; implies -q\n\
--debug-init enable Emacs Lisp debugger during init file\n\
--help display this help message and exit\n\
--multibyte, --no-unibyte run Emacs in multibyte mode\n\
--no-init-file, -q load neither ~/.emacs nor default.el\n\
--no-shared-memory, -nl do not use shared memory\n\
--no-site-file do not load site-start.el\n\
--no-windows, -nw don't communicate with X, ignoring $DISPLAY\n\
--terminal, -t DEVICE use DEVICE for terminal I/O\n\
--unibyte, --no-multibyte run Emacs in unibyte mode\n\
--user, -u USER load ~USER/.emacs instead of your own\n\
--version display version information and exit\n\
Action options:\n\
FILE visit FILE using find-file\n\
+LINENUM FILE visit FILE using find-file, then go to line LINENUM\n\
--directory, -L DIR add DIR to variable load-path\n\
--eval EXPR evaluate Emacs Lisp expression EXPR\n\
--execute EXPR evaluate Emacs Lisp expression EXPR\n\
--find-file FILE visit FILE\n\
--funcall, -f FUNC call Emacs function FUNC with no arguments\n\
--insert FILE insert contents of FILE into current buffer\n\
--kill exit without asking for confirmation\n\
--load, -l FILE load FILE of Emacs Lisp code using the load function\n\
--visit FILE visit FILE\n\
X window system options:\n\
--background-color, -bg COLOR window background color\n\
--border-color, -bd COLOR main border color\n\
--border-width, -bw WIDTH width of main border\n\
--cursor-color, -cr COLOR color of the Emacs cursor indicating point\n\
--display, -d DISPLAY use X server DISPLAY\n\
--font, -fn FONT default font; must be fixed-widthp\n\
--foreground-color, -fg COLOR window foreground color\n\
--geometry, -g GEOMETRY window geometry\n\
--iconic start Emacs in iconified state\n\
--icon-type, -i use picture of gnu for Emacs icon\n\
--internal-border, -ib WIDTH width between text and main border\n\
--mouse-color, -ms COLOR mouse cursor color in Emacs window\n\
--name NAME title of main Emacs window\n\
--reverse-video, -r, -rv switch foreground and background\n\
--title, -T, -wn, TITLE title for Emacs windows\n\
--vertical-scroll-bars, -vb enable vertical scroll bars\n\
--xrm XRESOURCES set additional X resources\n\
You can generally also specify long option names with a single -; for\n\
example, -batch as well as --batch. You can use any unambiguous\n\
abbreviation for a --option.\n\
Various environment variables and window system resources also affect\n\
Emacs' operation. See the main documentation.\n\
Report bugs to First, please see the Bugs\n\
section of the Emacs manual or the file BUGS.\n"
/* Signal code for the fatal signal that was received */
int fatal_error_code;
......@@ -869,16 +939,7 @@ main (argc, argv, envp)
/* Handle the --help option, which gives a usage message.. */
if (argmatch (argv, argc, "-help", "--help", 3, NULL, &skip_args))
printf ("\
Usage: %s [--batch] [-t term] [--terminal term]\n\
[-d display] [--display display] [-nw] [--no-windows]\n\
[-q] [--no-init-file] [-u user] [--user user] [--debug-init]\n\
[--unibyte] [--multibyte] [--version] [--no-site-file]\n\
[-f func] [--funcall func] [-l file] [--load file] [--eval expr]\n\
[--execute expr] [--visit file] [--file file] [--insert file]\n\
[+linenum] file-to-visit [--kill]\n\
Report bugs to First, please see\n\
the Bugs section of the Emacs manual or the file BUGS.\n", argv[0]);
printf (USAGE, argv[0]);
exit (0);
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