Commit bd90dcd0 authored by Kim F. Storm's avatar Kim F. Storm
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(safe_debug_print): New function to be called from gdb

to print Lisp objects; use valid_lisp_object_p to avoid crashing
if user tries to print something which is not a Lisp object.
parent cbe3cc92
......@@ -970,6 +970,26 @@ debug_print (arg)
Fprin1 (arg, Qexternal_debugging_output);
fprintf (stderr, "\r\n");
safe_debug_print (arg)
Lisp_Object arg;
int valid = valid_lisp_object_p (arg);
if (valid > 0)
debug_print (arg);
fprintf (stderr, "#<%s_LISP_OBJECT 0x%08lx>\r\n",
!valid ? "INVALID" : "SOME",
(unsigned long) arg
(unsigned long) arg.i
DEFUN ("error-message-string", Ferror_message_string, Serror_message_string,
1, 1, 0,
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