Commit bda13259 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(Top): Undo the previous renaming.

(emacs-other-name, emacs-other-dir, emacs-other-file-name): Deleted.
parent fcfdeaf6
2003-03-29 Richard M. Stallman <>
* tramp.texi (Top): Undo the previous renaming.
(emacs-other-name, emacs-other-dir, emacs-other-file-name): Deleted.
2003-03-29 Kai Gro,A_(Bjohann <>
* (../info/tramp): Compile Emacs, instead of XEmacs,
......@@ -28,13 +28,10 @@
@c Some flags which make the text independent on the (X)Emacs flavor.
@c "emacs" resp "xemacs" are set in the Makefile.
@c GNU Emacs values.
@c Emacs values.
@ifset emacs
@set emacs-name GNU Emacs
@set emacs-name Emacs
@set emacs-dir emacs
@set emacs-other-name XEmacs
@set emacs-other-dir xemacs
@set emacs-other-file-name tramp-xemacs.html
@set ftp-package-name Ange-FTP
@set tramp-prefix /
@set tramp-prefix-single-hop
......@@ -47,9 +44,6 @@
@ifset xemacs
@set emacs-name XEmacs
@set emacs-dir xemacs
@set emacs-other-name GNU Emacs
@set emacs-other-dir emacs
@set emacs-other-file-name tramp-emacs.html
@set ftp-package-name EFS
@set tramp-prefix /[
@set tramp-prefix-single-hop [
......@@ -124,16 +118,6 @@ programs, such as @command{ssh}/@command{scp}.
You can find the latest version of this document on the web at
The manual has been generated for @value{emacs-name}.
If you want to read the info pages for @value{emacs-other-name}, you
should read in @ref{Installation} how to create them.
@end ifinfo
If you're using the other Emacs flavour, you should read the
@uref{@value{emacs-other-file-name}, @value{emacs-other-name}} pages.
@end ifhtml
This manual is also available as a @uref{tramp_ja.html, Japanese
......@@ -532,34 +516,6 @@ If your installed copy of Emacs is named something other than
@command{@value{emacs-dir}}, you will need to tell `make' where to find it so
that it can correctly byte-compile the @tramp{} sources.
For example, to force the use of @value{emacs-other-name} you might do
./configure --with-@value{emacs-other-dir}
make install
@end example
or this:
make EMACS=/usr/bin/@value{emacs-other-dir}-21.4
make install
@end example
The syntax of @tramp{} file names is different for @value{emacs-name}
and @value{emacs-other-name}. The Info manual will be generated for
the Emacs flavor choosen in the @command{configure} phase. If you want
the Info manual for the other version, you need to set the variable
@command{EMACS_INFO} to @command{make}:
./configure --with-@value{emacs-dir}
make EMACS_INFO=@value{emacs-other-dir}
@end example
Also, the @command{--prefix=PATH} option to @command{configure} may
not be general enough to set the paths you want. If not, you can pass
variables to the @command{make} command to control the installation.
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