Commit be06a3df authored by Gerd Moellmann's avatar Gerd Moellmann

(make_shadow_gcs) ]emacs]: Use x_alloc_nearest_color.

(all_dashes_p): Removed.
(size_menu_item): Call lw_separator_p.
(display_menu_item): Ditto.
(display_menu): Ditto.
(draw_separator): New.
(display_menu_item): Call it.
(separator_height): New.
(size_menu_item): Call it.
(abort_gracefully): New.
(display_menu): Use it instead of abort.
(size_menu): Ditto.
(xlwMenuResources): Change previously unused
XtNmargin to 4.
(size_menu): Take margin into account.
(display_menu_item): Ditto.
(remap_menubar): Ditto.
(draw_arrow): Draw it 3D.
(radio_button_width): New.
(size_menu_item): Use new functions.
(draw_shadow_rhombus): New.
(draw_radio): Use radio_button_width and draw_shadow_rhombus.
(draw_toggle): Use toggle_button_width.
(size_menu_item): Add parameter button_width.
(size_menu): Compute button_width.
(toggle_button_width): New.
(draw_toggle): New.
(draw_radio): New.
(draw_shadow_rectangle): Add parameter `down_p'.
parent 7c2eb6d1
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