Commit be0dbdab authored by Gerd Moellmann's avatar Gerd Moellmann

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parent 25112054
2000-04-09 Gerd Moellmann <>
* (INSTALLABLES): Add ebrowse.
(ebrowse): New target.
* ebrowse.c: New file.
2000-03-29 Andreas Schwab <>
* make-docfile.c (scan_lisp_file): Also look for `defsubst'.
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2000-04-09 Gerd Moellmann <>
* mail/rfc2368.el: Correct author's email address.
* progmodes/ebrowse.el: New file.
* emacs-lisp/easymenu.el (easy-menu-create-menu): Process menu
item help string.
(easy-menu-do-add-item): Ditto.
(easy-menu-define): Extend doc string.
* jit-lock.el (with-buffer-unmodified): Use
(with-buffer-prepared-for-font-lock): Use with-buffer-unmodified.
(jit-lock-function, jit-lock-stealth-fontify): Don't use
2000-04-08 Dave Love <>
* emacs-lisp/edebug.el: Fix specs for dolist, dotimes, push, pop,
......@@ -38,6 +38,7 @@
(put 'nnmail-procmail 'custom-loads '("nnmail"))
(put 'desktop 'custom-loads '("desktop"))
(put 'cperl-help-system 'custom-loads '("cperl-mode"))
(put 'ps-print-miscellany 'custom-loads '("ps-print"))
(put 'comint-completion 'custom-loads '("comint"))
(put 'gnus-score-kill 'custom-loads '("gnus-kill" "gnus"))
(put 'ldap 'custom-loads '("ldap"))
......@@ -84,6 +85,7 @@
(put 'gnus-various 'custom-loads '("gnus-sum" "gnus"))
(put 'elide-head 'custom-loads '("elide-head"))
(put 'vhdl-compile 'custom-loads '("vhdl-mode"))
(put 'ebrowse-tree 'custom-loads '("ebrowse"))
(put 'font-lock-highlighting-faces 'custom-loads '("font-lock" "vhdl-mode"))
(put 'flyspell 'custom-loads '("flyspell"))
(put 'ange-ftp 'custom-loads '("ange-ftp"))
......@@ -267,7 +269,7 @@
(put 'ebnf-optimization 'custom-loads '("ebnf2ps"))
(put 'apropos 'custom-loads '("apropos"))
(put 'gomoku 'custom-loads '("gomoku"))
(put 'tools 'custom-loads '("add-log" "calculator" "compare-w" "diff-mode" "diff" "ediff" "elide-head" "emerge" "gud" "pcvs-defs" "smerge-mode" "speedbar" "tempo" "tooltip" "vc" "which-func" "copyright" "compile" "etags" "glasses" "make-mode" "rcompile"))
(put 'tools 'custom-loads '("add-log" "calculator" "compare-w" "diff-mode" "diff" "ediff" "elide-head" "emerge" "gud" "pcvs-defs" "smerge-mode" "speedbar" "tempo" "tooltip" "vc" "which-func" "copyright" "compile" "ebrowse" "etags" "glasses" "make-mode" "rcompile"))
(put 'gnus-topic 'custom-loads '("gnus-topic"))
(put 'sgml 'custom-loads '("sgml-mode"))
(put 'keyboard 'custom-loads '("simple" "chistory" "type-break"))
......@@ -278,6 +280,7 @@
(put 'rmail-summary 'custom-loads '("rmail" "rmailsum"))
(put 'metamail 'custom-loads '("metamail"))
(put 'winner 'custom-loads '("winner"))
(put 'ebrowse-faces 'custom-loads '("ebrowse"))
(put 'wp 'custom-loads '("cus-edit" "enriched" "lpr" "ps-print" "view" "ebnf2ps" "bib-mode" "nroff-mode" "refbib" "refer" "scribe" "tildify"))
(put 'reftex-citation-support 'custom-loads '("reftex-vars"))
(put 'gnus-summary-choose 'custom-loads '("gnus-sum"))
......@@ -385,6 +388,7 @@
(put 'ebnf-repeat 'custom-loads '("ebnf2ps"))
(put 'supercite 'custom-loads '("supercite"))
(put 'font-selection 'custom-loads '("faces"))
(put 'ps-print-headers 'custom-loads '("ps-print"))
(put 'gnus-summary-marks 'custom-loads '("gnus-sum" "gnus"))
(put 'bibtex-autokey 'custom-loads '("bibtex"))
(put 'eudc 'custom-loads '("eudc-vars"))
......@@ -409,6 +413,7 @@
(put 'fill-comments 'custom-loads '("simple"))
(put 'gnus-summary-various 'custom-loads '("gnus-sum"))
(put 'applications 'custom-loads '("calendar" "cus-edit" "uniquify" "spell"))
(put 'ebrowse-member 'custom-loads '("ebrowse"))
(put 'terminal 'custom-loads '("terminal"))
(put 'shadow 'custom-loads '("shadowfile" "shadow"))
(put 'hl-line 'custom-loads '("hl-line"))
......@@ -439,7 +444,7 @@
(put 'hanoi 'custom-loads '("hanoi"))
(put 'reftex-index-support 'custom-loads '("reftex-vars"))
(put 'pascal 'custom-loads '("pascal"))
(put 'rmail-retrieve 'custom-loads '("rmail"))
(put 'rmail-retrieve 'custom-loads '("rmail" "rmailsum"))
(put 'data 'custom-loads '("text-mode" "arc-mode" "forms" "hexl" "jka-compr" "saveplace" "sort" "tar-mode" "time-stamp" "snmp-mode"))
(put 'mail 'custom-loads '("simple" "startup" "time" "gnus" "message" "emacsbug" "feedmail" "mail-extr" "mail-hist" "mail-utils" "mailalias" "metamail" "mh-e" "mspools" "rmail" "sendmail" "smtpmail" "supercite" "uce" "fortune" "eudc-vars"))
(put 'paren-blinking 'custom-loads '("simple"))
......@@ -451,9 +456,9 @@
(put 'dired 'custom-loads '("files" "dired-aux" "dired-x" "dired" "find-dired"))
(put 'recentf 'custom-loads '("recentf"))
(put 'fill 'custom-loads '("simple" "fill" "align"))
(put 'ps-print-header 'custom-loads '("ps-print"))
(put 'outlines 'custom-loads '("allout" "outline"))
(put 'paragraphs 'custom-loads '("paragraphs"))
(put 'ebrowse 'custom-loads '("ebrowse"))
(put 'nnmail-split 'custom-loads '("nnmail"))
(put 'makefile 'custom-loads '("make-mode"))
(put 'supercite-attr 'custom-loads '("supercite"))
......@@ -502,12 +507,11 @@
(put 'ps-print-zebra 'custom-loads '("ps-print"))
(put 'hideshow 'custom-loads '("hideshow"))
(put 'viper-search 'custom-loads '("viper-init"))
(put 'C 'custom-loads '("cpp"))
(put 'mule 'custom-loads '("mule-cmds"))
(put 'glasses 'custom-loads '("glasses"))
(put 'vhdl-style 'custom-loads '("vhdl-mode"))
(put 'tempo 'custom-loads '("tempo"))
(put 'c 'custom-loads '("tooltip" "cc-vars" "cmacexp" "hideif"))
(put 'c 'custom-loads '("tooltip" "cc-vars" "cmacexp" "cpp" "hideif"))
(put 'nnmail-prepare 'custom-loads '("nnmail"))
(put 'processes 'custom-loads '("comint" "cus-edit" "shell" "term" "metamail" "compile" "executable" "sql" "flyspell" "rcompile" "rlogin"))
(put 'ebnf2ps 'custom-loads '("ebnf2ps"))
......@@ -693,6 +697,8 @@
(custom-put-if-not 'border 'group-documentation nil)
(custom-put-if-not 'hl-line 'custom-version "21.1")
(custom-put-if-not 'hl-line 'group-documentation "Highliight the current line.")
(custom-put-if-not 'find-file-wildcards 'custom-version "20.4")
(custom-put-if-not 'find-file-wildcards 'standard-value t)
(custom-put-if-not 'custom-comment-face 'custom-version "21.1")
(custom-put-if-not 'custom-comment-face 'group-documentation nil)
(custom-put-if-not 'custom-raised-buttons 'custom-version "21.1")
......@@ -727,6 +733,8 @@
(custom-put-if-not 'hscroll-global-mode 'standard-value t)
(custom-put-if-not 'tags-apropos-verbose 'custom-version "21.1")
(custom-put-if-not 'tags-apropos-verbose 'standard-value t)
(custom-put-if-not 'dabbrev-ignored-regexps 'custom-version "21.1")
(custom-put-if-not 'dabbrev-ignored-regexps 'standard-value t)
(custom-put-if-not 'find-variable-regexp 'custom-version "20.3")
(custom-put-if-not 'find-variable-regexp 'standard-value t)
(custom-put-if-not 'header-line 'custom-version "21.1")
......@@ -744,7 +752,7 @@
(custom-put-if-not 'eval-expression-print-level 'custom-version "21.1")
(custom-put-if-not 'eval-expression-print-level 'standard-value t)
(defvar custom-versions-load-alist '(("20.3.3" "dos-vars") (21.1 "ange-ftp") ("20.4" "sh-script" "help" "compile") ("21.1" "debug" "paths" "sgml-mode" "fortran" "etags" "cus-edit" "add-log" "find-func" "simple") ("20.3" "desktop" "easymenu" "hscroll" "dabbrev" "ffap" "rmail" "paren" "mailabbrev" "frame" "uce" "mouse" "diary-lib" "sendmail" "debug" "hexl" "vcursor" "vc" "compile" "etags" "help" "browse-url" "add-log" "find-func" "vc-hooks" "cus-edit" "replace"))
(defvar custom-versions-load-alist '(("20.3.3" "dos-vars") (21.1 "ange-ftp") ("20.4" "files" "sh-script" "help" "compile") ("21.1" "debug" "dabbrev" "paths" "sgml-mode" "fortran" "etags" "cus-edit" "add-log" "find-func" "simple") ("20.3" "desktop" "easymenu" "hscroll" "dabbrev" "ffap" "rmail" "paren" "mailabbrev" "frame" "uce" "mouse" "diary-lib" "sendmail" "debug" "hexl" "vcursor" "vc" "compile" "etags" "help" "browse-url" "add-log" "find-func" "vc-hooks" "cus-edit" "replace"))
"For internal use by custom.")
(provide 'cus-load)
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This diff is collapsed.
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