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......@@ -24,7 +24,6 @@
;;; merge them into the master source.
;;; - Olin Shivers (
;;; This hopefully generalises shell mode, lisp mode, tea mode, soar mode,...
;;; This file defines a general command-interpreter-in-a-buffer package
;;; (comint mode). The idea is that you can build specific process-in-a-buffer
;;; modes on top of comint mode -- e.g., lisp, shell, scheme, T, soar, ....
......@@ -1183,13 +1182,10 @@ it just adds completion characters to the end of the filename."
;;; Converting process modes to use comint mode
;;; ===========================================================================
;;; Several gnu packages (tex-mode, background, dbx, gdb, kermit, prolog,
;;; telnet are some) use the shell package as clients. Most of them would
;;; be better off using the comint package, but they predate it.
;;; The code in the Emacs 19 distribution has all been modified to use comint
;;; where needed. However, there are `third-party' packages out there that
;;; still use the old shell mode. Here's a guide to conversion.
;;; Altering these packages to use comint mode should greatly
;;; improve their functionality, and is fairly easy.
;;; Renaming variables
;;; Most of the work is renaming variables and functions. These are the common
;;; ones:
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