Commit be17069b authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa
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(Fformat): While copying text properties, make each composition

property value a copy.
parent c1361885
......@@ -3201,6 +3201,10 @@ Use %% to put a single % into the output.")
new_len = make_number (info[n].end - info[n].start);
props = text_property_list (args[n], make_number (0), len, Qnil);
extend_property_ranges (props, len, new_len);
/* If successive arguments have properites, be sure that
the value of `composition' property be the copy. */
if (n > 1 && info[n - 1].end)
make_composition_value_copy (props);
add_text_properties_from_list (val, props,
make_number (info[n].start));
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